The Houston Energy Club is pleased to host the

2nd Latin America Energy Forum

          1 February 2018 | Houston Club, 910 Louisiana St., Houston, Texas

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2nd Latin America Energy Forum



Alfonso Blanco Bonilla

Executive Secretary, Latin America Energy Organization (OLADE)

Alfonso Blanco Bonilla is the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE).

OLADE is a public intergovernmental organization founded in 1973, composed of 27-member countries which are represented by their Ministers of Energy. He has extensive experience as a specialist in the energy and environment sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, leading projects, teams and providing adviceto governments on regulatory issues, energy policy, formulation and evaluationof projects and financing models for energy projects. Hehas participated in the formulation, evaluation, execution, start of operationsand direction of programs for the public, private sector and in direct linkwith international organizations. He held functions of high government responsibility, integrating the teams responsible for the development and implementation of energy policy in Uruguay. Hewas a consultant for the International Development Bank and the United Nations on energy and environment issues. AlfonsoBlanco Bonilla, studied his degree in the faculty of engineering of the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, obtaining the title of Mechanical Industrial Engineer. Heh olds an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from the Universidad ORT Uruguay, has postgraduate studies in economics and a diploma from the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Social Sciences ofUruguay. He also has an extensive career as a university professor in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


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